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Indigenous Consultation

Consult will initiate a series of conversations surrounding your personal, classroom, or community need.  

Azure and Company has provided assistance with connections to Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Singers, Drummers and Dancers for events such as Classroom presentations, Ground breaking Ceremonies, Orange Shirt Day, MMIWG, Canada Day and National Indigenous Day festivities.

Protocol, Awareness & History

Introduction to Smudging, Protocols and Awareness is an Indigenous experience guided by a Traditional Elder and their helpers.  This ceremony is open to all who are open to learning why Indigenous Peoples smudge and what they use to smudge with, how it is harvested

and taken care of

Truths before Reconciliation is a guided conversation around how history has contributed to the Intergenerational Traumas that are seen today stemming from Indian Residential Schools; and what we can do collectively moving forward to creating healthier communities.


This resource is highly recommended for all Treaty People to understanding how to reach Reconciliation through understanding

Indigenous Led Sharing Circle & Smudge 

Take part in a sharing circle with intentions for your students, colleagues, friends or family.  Host this event in your community or school; this is a supportive environment to learn about Sharing Circles through experience. 

Sharing Circles guided by a Traditional Knowledge Keeper

Tipi Teachings in the Classroom

Grades 1-12

Flexible programming from 30 minute presentations with a mini tipi to a full day outdoors with an Elder and a Traditional Tipi. This resource guides in daily  life skills, team-building, communication and understanding.

Social Justice Action Projects

Truths before ReconiliACTION
Create a Social Justice Action project for your classroom or school

Design a flexible school project 

Access to Indigenous Supports with access to Traditional Elders & Knowledge Keepers

Elders & Guest Speakers available
virtually and in-person 


* United Nation's Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People's​
* Treaties in Canada
* Truth & Reconciliation

* Orange Shirt Day
* 60's Scoop
* Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women & Girls (MMIWG)
* Indian Residential School

Powwow Dance Experience

Hosting an event and would like an Indigenous Dance Performance?
Powwow Dancers, Drummers &  Singers will be compensated for their time, travel and meals
Available for events, conferences and school presentations
Please book a time to schedule a conversation on how we can help you host a powwow or rounddance experience

Guest Speaker & Acknowledgements

Access to relevant Traditional Elders & Knowledge Keepers, Singers, Drummers & Dancers to accommodate the need of your agency, business or school.  

We are open to assisting your agency understand the importance of Territorial & Land Acknowledgements for the area you live, work and play in  

Indigenous Resilience

Classroom Visits/Presentations

Committed to assisting Educators, Social Workers, Youth Workers & Caregivers:

  • Elder visits to the Classroom

  • Indigenous Identity & Self-esteem in Youth 

  • Intergenerational Strengths

  • Sharing Circles

  • Grief Care 

  • Identifying Personal Acts of Reconciliation

  • Cultural Programming

  • Life Management Skills

  • Arts & Craft activities

Hides for Schools

The art of Traditional Hide Tanning is a commitment and dedication that can be shared throughout the school year beginning in the Fall Season.

We are committed to providing Hide Tanning support utilizing community resources and Knowledge Keepers from within your own community.  

Hide Tanning Support is provided throughout the year with school visits to ensure students and groups achieve their goal in rawhide and smoked hide products.

One day Hide Tanning Experiences available 

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