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Headshot of Azure wearing new gloves gifted to her
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        About Azure and Company


Meet Azure Johnson, a Plains Cree Treaty 6 Nehiyew Iskwew leading your community in Indigenous education & history, arts, performance, and traditional initiatives through land-based teachings..                                      

Azure wears many hats as a mother, Traditional Knowledge Keeper, Treaty Harvester, Educator, Designer, Model, and Hide Tanner. Raising her 4 boys to be strong, inspiring Indigenous men, she is proud to be breaking harmful narratives affecting Indigenous peoples as a Contemporary Survivor having attended Indian Residential Schools in Saskatchewan; she is the last to attend in her family before the schools closed in 1998.


Through her work in educating the public on the historic truths of Indigenous experiences, speaking Truths into the realities, as well as cultivating passion for traditional arts and knowledge, she is healing the greater community every day. Azure sets a fierce example for all by using her resourcefulness, ambition and creativity to manage a thriving business that paves the way for future generations. She also enjoys the lighter side of this work through artistic design, and uses a variety of mediums such as beading, sewing, and traditional hide tanning.


Azure and Company was founded on strong values that reflect honest leadership: focused on aiding the less fortunate, promoting truth in education, and helping all Treaty People towards real reconciliation through an Indigenous lens, Azure is contributing to a society of prosperity and integrity. Azure and Company is available for a wide variety of public speaking engagements, educational bookings, from visits to schools and social programs to traditional initiatives.


Her own educational background encompasses criminology, mental health, addictions, and psychology. Beyond the classroom, her wealth of knowledge stems from personal and communal experience - Azure loves volunteering her time to help her community and is a mighty advocate for the vulnerable.


To keep up with her many developing endeavors and interests, follow her on Facebook and Instagram

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